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Product Design Experience

  • Strategic Product Design Planning
  • Research and Analysis
  • Ideation / Conceptualization
  • Aesthetics, Form, Color, Texture
  • Materials / Processes Analysis
  • CAID / CAD Solids Modeling
  • Mechanical Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Systems / Component Integration
  • Product Life-cycle Management



Design is not a subset or derivative of engineering, marketing or production but forms an interactive integrative relationship with all three, to solve the needs of users within the framework of global competitive corporate strategies and the humanization of technology. Design works within criteria, constraints, characteristics, limitations and opportunities to develop solutions based on emerging technology, materials & processes and sales & distribution structures relating to human, technical and economic factors, with goals of ecological sustainability and social responsibility.

Transportation Design & Engineering


Redbud Technology

PTV-G, Personal Transport Vehicle-Ground
The ongoing project is focused on the hybrid powered delta trike market. The PTV design provides one person an enclosed three wheeled recumbent vehicle with innovative structure, power, materials and production processes. All 3D solid modeling was done in Siemens Parasolids based software.
Chassis design and engineering is by Soneet with body design and ergonomics by PhilpoDesign.
PTV-A, Personal Transport Vehicle-Aero
The expanded aero concept is developed on an alternative of the PTV-G per Redbud Technology specifications.



Concept for DARPA military vehicle on Local Motors chassis



Jeep Liberty 4X4 Hood/Grill/Bumper/Light kit: Concept design & rendering on Chrysler Image



Torque Calibration system mechatronic engineering by Kelo Todd of Dynetics.
Ergonomics, detail industrial design, materials, color, branding and 3D solid modeling by Lloyd Philpo'tt.


InterAct concept design and design management by Lloyd Philpo'tt; detail industrial design by Greg Sollie, Al Rowe, Nick Parker and Lee Thomas with mechanical engineering by C.C. Wilson, Glenn Williams, Todd Jenkins, Phil Williams, Bob Calahan, Carl Cloak, Harry Garner and Philpo'tt, with program management by the late John Thorington Jr., Executive Vice President
Integrated keyboard concept design by Lloyd Philpo'tt; detail industrial design and mechanical engineering by Nick Parker, Glenn Williams, Harry Garner and Philpo'tt, ergonomics by Katrina Coupland and Philpo'tt, with program management by the late John Thorington Jr., Executive Vice President
Intergraph introduced the first hi-res raster/vector GIS terminal in 1980, design by Lloyd Philpo'tt,
Mechanical engineering by C.C. Wilson and Philpo'tt, project management by Wilson.


Space Shuttle, ATM Payload Specialist Station, concept design and zeroG ergonomics by Lloyd Philpo'tt

CSC/Nichols & Raytheon

Concept design, detail industrial design, dewer design and mechanical engineering by Lloyd Philpo'tt


Time Domain

Concept design, branding, detail industrial design and 3D solids modeling by Lloyd Philpo'tt


Philpott Carolina Chair

Concept design, detail industrial design, patterns and mechanical engineering by Lloyd Philpo'tt



Sheet-metal design for 20 PC AT card bay to fit international standard 19 inch rack & suitcase


With a foundation on corporate strategy and user experiences, industrial design provides the professional design integration engine to translate customer focus into corporate identity, product branding, product packaging, displays, exhibitions, fleets, environments, architectural and diverse marketing/customer support media, with 2D and 3D design solutions. Industrial design is the integrative profession, grounded in style, human trends, visual perceptions, color, texture, pattern, typography, imagery, geometry and form, that transforms technology into marketable materials and solutions serving human needs and desires.
Built on a history of architecture, styling and art, applied to consumer product design, industrial design is a profession that has morphed into a creative integrative force in the production of high technology solutions across all markets where users have interactions with interfaces and information, work and play.
Industrial design works as an integral profession with mechanical and electrical engineering and production on mechatronic projects with product life-cycle management in marketing, production and customer service.
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